Mine Farm

Showcase & Smart Pot

An indoor plant grower to grow various crops of your choice.
Providing an optimal cultivation environment for the selected crop to grow quickly and deliciously, and is easy to use.

Mine Farm Technology

  • LED power saving system

    Electricity consumption

    Growth rate

  • Fogphonics

    Water consumption

    Taste, nutrition, Product Quality


  • Basic type 2-stage
    Get crops you want
    in a practical way
  • Special type 2-stage
    and fresher
  • 1-stage
    Gow the largest crops easy and convenient
  • 4-stage
    Amazing yield, More crops at everywhere
  • Case 1A type

  • Case 2B type

  • Case 3C type

Smart plant pot

Compatible with Showcase

  • Smart plant pot2 pots
  • Smart plant pot8 pots

Crop cultivation site

Cultivation of various crops such European-style vegetables, salads and other high-value crops