Mine Farm

MineFarm Solution

Mine Farm Data Center

MineFarm sensors connect to the network to collect and manage crop growth data.
It creates an optimal environment for crop to grow with accumulated data.

MineFarm's unique technology

  • Mobile control
    Controllable in an unmanned environment
    Smart automatic growth system
  • Our injection method
    Improvement of growth rate
  • Saving maintenance cost
    Reducing LED electricity consumption
    Reduction in water use
  • High economic feasibility
    Main controller development technology
    Firmware system control
  • Various uses
    Smart farm container
    Vertical farm, Plant cultivator

Smart automatic growth
and development system

Smart automatic growth and development system
When a user selects a crop for eating, it is automatically cultivated through the app

Health solution product
that customers need

  • Customized crops
    Cultivation of crops selected by consumers or recommended for their constitution
  • Healthy diet management
    Cooking with fresh and nutritious ingredients using recipes provided by MineFarm in time of harvest
  • Regular updates
    Continuous update progress for growing delicious crops beyond growing various crops
  • 01Fresher, Higher Quality
    By reduce food miles so you can find fresh, high-quality crops anywhere
  • 02Safe Veggies
    You can growing pesticide-free vegetables yourself to eat foods without microplastics.
  • 03Ease of Use
    Until harvest, all you need is one touch.
  • 03Welcome, MineFarm
    Reduces maintenance costs and improves the cultivation rate by 1.5 times at the same time.