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  • 2019.09.Established GSF System.
    Software operator declaration.
    Smart factory supplier registration
  • 2019.10.Munson University Venture Founding Building-Business Office Relocation
    Any TOY Control Panel Delivery MOU
    Concluded SE LAPS inspection software delivery


  • 2020.01.Korea SMEs and Startups Agency Approved by a founding support company.
    Concluded a smart factory agreement-Nanotech Ceramics Co., Ltd.
  • 2020.02.Business site expansion -Headquarters (Changwon Smart Innovation Support Center No. 304)
  • 2020.03.ISO approval (ISO 9001/14001)
    Registered at the Institute of Technology (Masahara Bunsei University Venture Founding Building No. 310)
  • 2020.04.Venture company approval
    Approved by the Youth Founding Officer Academy
  • 2020.05.Concluded a smart factory agreement-Tongyeong Ocean Food Co., Ltd.
  • 2020.06.Completed delivery of Nanotech Ceramic Molding Machine Co., Ltd.
    Software Copyright Registration Type 1 (MES Solution)
    Smart Farm Division Organization
  • 2020.07.Registered as an industry-academic cooperation family company – Kyungnam University
    Signed MOU for strategic industry occupations – Chan Lee Foundation
    Concluded a smart factory agreement-Upo Rice Tech Co., Ltd.
    Software Copyright Registration Type 1 (Groupware)
  • 2020.08.Completed delivery of automatic packaging machine for Tongyeong Ocean Food.
    Smart Factory Agreement - A&Zeus Co., Ltd.
    Smart factory agreement signed – Geum Tech
  • 2020.09.Smart factory agreement signed – Dongwoo Precision Co., Ltd.
    Business expansion – Factory (No. 616 Smartup, 44, Charyong-ro 48beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si)
  • 2020.10.2 types of trademark registration
  • 2020.12.Completed delivery of LH/RH 2 lines of multi-link hinge automation line to Dongwoo Precision Co., Ltd.
    Software copyright registration 3 types
    (MES Precision Machining Solution, MES Processed Food Solution, MES Injection Molding Solution)
    Smart HACCP agreement signed – Chowon Trading Co., Ltd.
    Digital Contents Division Organization


  • 2021.01.Software copyright registration type 1 (Smart Farm Farmhouse Management System)
    Smart HACCP agreement signed – Pukyung Foods Co., Ltd
  • 2021.02.Factory registration (control equipment manufacturing and other types 1)
  • 2021.03.Software copyright registration 2 types
    (Smart HACCP Solution, MES Machine Parts Solution)
  • 2021.04.Converted to corporate business
  • 2021.06.Selected for Achievement-sharing Enterprise Selected as a 2021 Gyeongnam Regional Innovation and Growth Voucher Support Project
  • 2021.08.Completed smart container development
  • 2021.09.LG Electronics' primary vendor's smart factory agreement signed(Transformation) MES, Inspection equipment Samsung Electronics' primary vendor's smart factory agreement signed(Transformation)
  • 2021.10.Application for patent for plant cultivation equipment Participation in CECO tech show and pitching for product promotion Confirmed participation in CES 2022 5 applications for smart farm trademark Completed smart showcase farm development
  • 2021.11.Obtained a certificate of pesticide-free agricultural products Application for patent for crop cultivation equipment Received the award from the Governor of Gyeongnam for excellent founding companies
  • 2021.12.Awarded the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award Application for PCT for plant cultivation equipment


  • 2022.01.Participate in CES 2022
  • 2022.02.Purchasing MOU with JSY corporation of the United States
  • 2022.05.Selection of Innopolis Campus with Korea Maritime & Ocean University
    Election of Gyeongnam Startup Accelerating Program
  • 2022.06.Ginseng cultivation and ginseng berry research of AmorePacificCorporation
  • 2022.07.Selection of early startup program at Startup-Oriented University with Pusan National University
  • 2022.08.Attract $500,000 seed investment with urban smart growing system
    * from August to October
  • 2022.09.Participate in IFA 2022
  • 2022.10.Won a pitching competition of 2022 Start-up Tech Show
    Participate in GITEX North Star Dubai 2022
    Participate in FLY AISA 2022
    * Asia Startup Expo
    Participate in 2022 A-STREAM
    * Global Startup Investment Conference
  • 2022.11.Plant expansion and relocation
    12Receive a commendation from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Selected as an innovative start-up of Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK)’s innovative startups
    * IBK Changgongthe 8thyear of Busan


  • 2023.01.Participate in CES 2023
    Won CES® Innovation Awards * Smart Home
    IBK Changgong Busan 8th Class Admission Ceremony
    Innobiz Certification
  • 2023.02.Gyeongsangnam-do Economic Vice Governor visits Daesan Plant
  • 2023.03.Received a citation from the mayor of Changwon
  • 2023.04.Selected for the 2023 Startup Growth Technology Development Project (TIPS)
  • 2023.05.Selected as a start-up company for the 2023 start-up leap package
    Bugs Day Global Category Winner
    IBK Changgong Busan 8th class completion
  • 2023.06.Participated in VIVA Technology 2023 Fair
    Participated in 2023 KOREA ICT Expo in Japan
    MINEFARM - Domestic Trademark Registered
    IBK BANK Bond with Warrant
  • 2023.10.Won CES Innovation Awards *Ag-tech
    Attend Pulmuone open innovation demo-day
    Participate in Fly-Asia 2023
  • 2023.11.Participate in Gyeongnam IP
    STARTUP festival 2023
    Attend KOR-UAE smartfarm challange
    Participate in Taipei G2G Investment consultation
    Participate in KOREA Food Show
  • 2023.12.Build 2 Container farm for cultivation research in Bosung, Jellabuk-do
    Convertible bond issuance_MYSC